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Specialty Dog Books

Below are numerous books about specialty dogs such as police dogs,
search and rescue dogs, and assistance dogs for the handicapped

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A Dog Whos Dog Heroes
A Dog Who's Always Welcome
by Lorie Long
Paperback: 256 pages

Dog Heroes of September 11th
by Nona Kilgore Bauer
Hardcover: 232 pages

Goldens Bridge Tracking Dog
The Golden Bridge: A Guide to Assistance Dogs
by Patty Dobbs Gross
Paperback: 180 pages

Tracking Dog:
Theory & Methods

by Glen R. Johnson
Paperback: 214 pages
Helping Hounds Guide to Search
Helping Hounds: The Story of Assistance Dogs
by Alison Hornsby
Hardcover: 96 pages

Guide to Search
and Rescue Dogs

by Angela Eaton Snovak
Paperback: 192 pages

Livestock Scenting Dog
Livestock Protection Dogs:
Selection, Care and Training

by Orysia Dawydiak, David E. Sims
Paperback: 256 pages

Scent and the
Scenting Dog

by William G. Syrotuck
Paperback: 112 pages

Search and Rescue Top Working
Search and Rescue Dogs: Training the K-9 Hero,2nd Edition
by American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA)
Paperback: 256 pages

Top Working Dogs:
A Training Manual

by Dietman Schellenberg
Paperback: 208 pages

Angel Dogs Enthusiastic
Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service to All Life
by Allen Anderson, Linda Anderson
Paperback: 288 pages

Enthusiastic Tracking, The Step-by-Step Training Manual
by William R. Sanders
Paperback: 160 pages

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