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"Acquiring a dog,
may be the only time
a person gets to choose
a relative."

Author Unknown


From ASPCA News
Tough Bill Kicks Off 2009 Campaign to Fight Puppy Mills
Puppy MillsAs America ushers in a new era of federal leadership, state governments are also getting back to work—and we’re thrilled that one is already making puppy mill reform a priority. Learn more about Chloe’s Bill, just introduced in Illinois, and the dog for whom it is named—and find out how you can help the ASPCA fight puppy mills, no matter where you live.

From ASPCA News
ASPCA Guide to a Pet-Friendly Valentine’s Day
ChocolateIn the week prior to Valentine's Day 2008, our poison control experts saw a 74% rise in cases involving chocolate—this year they warn against two toxic dangers. Please check out our expert’s advice on keeping pets healthy this holiday.

From Email Forwards
One of the greatest secrets of life is having both patience & wisdom...
Patience and Wisdom

From Email Forwards
.....A fawn followed this beagle home...right through the doggie door in the Bittinger, MD area. The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home. This hit the 6 o'clock local news.

Fawn Follows Beagle Home
Fawn On Sofa With Beagle

Associated Press
.....Five cloned pitbull puppies are seen at the Seoul National University Hospital for Animals in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2008. Bernann McKinney from the U.S. received the five puppies -- copies of her beloved late pitbull 'Booger' -- from a South Korean biotech firm in what it calls the world's first commercial canine cloning service.
(AP Photo/RNL BioStar, Inc., Jin Han Hong)
5 Cloned Puppies in South Korea

.....Isabella the dog nurses three
3-day-old white tiger cubs July 30 at the Safari Zoological Park near Caney, Kansas. The cubs' mother had abandoned them.
Golden Retriever Mothers Tiger Cubs

.....Idyllwild, California
A very alert Golden Retriever smelled smoke at about 3:00 AM in this mountain town and ran to her owner's bed and roused a very surprised Roger Henlen. Henlen and the dog ran out of their weekend rental cabin at The Idyllwild Inn to alert the inn's owners.

The Retriever, named Lucy was hugged by all as the fire department arrived to keep the now completely engulfed cabin from spreading to nearby pine trees.

Henlen had left the gas oven on for the night for extra heat when the temperatures had dropped during the evening.

The inn's owners who had just lost a whole cabin told Henlen that they had safe electric heaters in the lobby available free to quests. If only he had asked.

Lucy was the lifesaver of the day but she couldn't save the cabin.


From ASPCA News
ASPCA Experts Offer 10 Ways to Save Money on Vet Care
ASPCA Save MoneyEven in a slowing economy, your pet’s health is a top priority. To help you budget for veterinary care and stay out of “pet debt,” our experts offer the ten best ways to save money, while continuing to give your furry beloveds the best health care possible.

False claim continues through the internet e-mails...
To allay fears, falsely spread in a forwarded e-mail about the Swiffer WetJet and Swiffer WetJetpotential dangers to pets and infants, please click on the following links and be informed and assured that this product is NOT harmful to our four legged friends.

Boxing Dog in Peru

.....A police-trained dog wears boxing gloves during a demonstration before a military parade to celebrate Peru's Independence Day in Lima July 29, 2008.
REUTERS/Pilar Olivares (PERU)

Chihuahua Princess in Dog Fashion Show
.....Vanilla, a Chihuahua, waits to participate in a dog fashion show in a hotel in New York in this February 10, 2007 file photo. Carried in handbags and adored by celebrities, Chihuahuas have become top dogs in Los Angeles and most of them are called Princess. Almost 60,000 of the tiny dogs are registered in Los Angeles County, beating Labradors and German Shepherds as the most popular breed, according to a database compiled by the Los Angeles Times.
REUTERS/Meredith Davenport/Files (UNITED STATES)

Mysterious Pool Party

The following has been passed around to many emails originating from sheriandbuster and we thought all of our site's visitors would enjoy.

These folks were always finding water all over their pool deck and furniture, every time they came home, after being away for a few hours.

They thought the neighborhood kids were waiting for them to leave, and using the pool. However, they could never catch them doing it. So, they set up their video cam and left. This is what they found.

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