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Here we put up all of your favorite dog photos in our Dog Gallery and once a month we pick a winner and showcase it as our "Best in Show" submission. To submit your photos just go to contact and send us an email description along with your name and town and attach your photo. We'll put your photo on this page and consider it for the monthly "Best in Show"placement.



"Best In Show"
mae mae
Little Gift
"Mae Mae"
Louise Mikan
St. Augustine, FL
cowgirl Jewel
Savannah, GA
Doggie Christmas
Randy and Jamie
Sage, CA
Rusty and Poppy Photo
Rescued Pals
"Rusty" and "Poppy"
Idyllwild, CA
Samantha and Emma Bloodhound Photo Buddy Dog Photo
"Blood" Sister Rescues
"Samantha" and "Emma"
Jamie Olsen
Sage, CA
I Love My Close-up
Jamie Olsen
Sage, CA
Dolly Dog Photo Faith Dog Photo Whacker Dog Photo
I Really Am A Princess
Florence and Joe
Idyllwild, CA
Good Hair Day
Greg and Monica
Greenwich, CT
School's Out Soon...
Maria and Carmen
San Antonio, TX
Raffi Dog Photo Pote Dog Photo Hercules Dog Photo
Hungry Man
Annie Simpson
Redondo Beach, CA
Warren Bernard
La Gardy, France
The Mighty
Jo Schmitters
Yucaipa, CA
Bichons Faith in Bed Photo Pinscher Nap
"Fluff" and "Puff"
Buffy McClane
Danbury, CT
What A Day!
Greg and Monica
Greenwich, CT
Pinscher Pail
Walter Knowles
Seattle, WA
Sleepy Pals Lhasa Upso Trapped
Pillow Talk
"Romy" and "Remy"
Claudia Rheems
St. Louis, MO
Love My Quilt
Lilah Pembrook
Tampa, FL
Who's There?
Rich Wunderstand
Hollywood, CA
Dog With Bandana Border Collie Puppy German Shepherd with Toy
Is It Dinner Yet?
Leah Gower
West Palm Beach, FL
Border On The Border
Andy Morren
Goldens Bridge, NY
Love Me Love My Bear
Whinnie Parks
Lancaster, PA
Border Collie Jumping English Bulldog Puppy Puppy Being Held
Great Catch!
Weldon Duke
Raleigh, NC
Couch Potatoe
Marty Brooks
Boston, MA
Hold Me Tight
Ginny Burton
Eugene, OR
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