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"Acquiring a dog, may be the only time a person gets to choose a relative."

Author Unknown


Forwarded in E-mail
"I Come In Peace"
If you don't already think animals are
far more spiritually advanced than we humans, think again. Stuart Brown describes Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's
Hudson Bay.

Polar Bear 1
Polar Bear 2
Polar Bear 3
Polar Bear 4
Polar Bear 5
Polar Bear 6
The Polar Bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs.

Sent in by Justin Sandman
New York, NY

I Love the Lima Bean

I worked nights as a bartender in one of New York City's classier spirits spot, so I would get home from work at about 4:30 AM.

I lived in a fairly reasonable apartment building in an often dangerous section of the city and always made sure the five deadbolt locks on my apartment door were secured before leaving to go anywhere, leaving my good pal Rotweiller "Lima Bean" inside to rest, play and wait for my return.

One morning just before dawn I returned home from work to find the apartment building's front door openable, the lock having been broken yet once again. This was normal. Taking the elevator up to the fifth floor and walking down the hallway to my apartment I felt really tired and longed to climb into my bed. Approaching my apartment I was stunned to see that the front door with all the deadbolts was off the hinges and resting up against the refrigerator in the entry kitchenette.

I was a bit scared thinking that thieves might still be in the place but I peered around the corner of the doorway to see Lima Bean laying in the hallway smiling back at me. When she saw it was me she bounded up to me with her usual "welcome home dad" greeting full of licks and head nudges. I responded with the usual ear, face, belly and butt scratches and the two of us proceeded to explore the apartment and see what, if anything was missing or disturbed. The entire place was just as I had left it.

Amazed, I tried to piece together what had happened.

I leaned the door back up against the front doorjam, got a soda and sat down to talk with Lima Bean and see if I could get her input.

Judging from where she was positioned when I arrived, I figure some local gang thieves, who had observed my daily work goings and return schedule probably though my place a good nighttime easy hit. They probably had followed me in at one time and saw which was my apartment. They used their usual modus operandi and didn't fear deadbolt count just removed hinges and jacked the door off. But their surprise came when they entered and turned to see my hundred pound rottie blocking the entry. She probably had her famous sneer shining on her face. They then probably figured that fleeing was better than testing a teeth-showing potential killer.

Truth be told, Lima Bean is the most loveable and lickingly friendly dog you could run into. Her size, breed and "looks" though, offer strangers a different story.

So, thanks to the mere presence of my pal Lima Bean, apartment thieves' plans for an easy haul were spoiled and I'm sure the word passed through the neighborhood about the dangers that lurked in apartment 5G.

Thanks Lima Bean. You're a real friend and guardian.


Forwarded in E-mail

You've heard the expression "monkey on your back"...
Monkey Business
Monkey Dog

To see real dog love, don't miss viewing this clip. Click on photo...
My Dogs greeting me after returning from 14 months in Iraq.
Welcome Home

The Pepper Chronicles:
Adventures with my Border Collie

By Joe Buke


Part 1: The Arrival

We had lost our Irish Setter to a suspected demise by a gun-hugging, deer jacking, five foot high stump of a neighbor. Two years earlier we had to have our St. Bernard euthanized because he just plain went nuts one day killing a duck, a chicken and moved on to the jugular of our ram, the vet suspecting puppy mill inbreeding.

I had started raising beef cattle on my Connecticut farm and felt a longing for another dog having had dogs around with me since I was born.

My good friend and farm mentor Andy lived a mile up the road and I would visit almost daily to exchange fact and fiction over coffee with this salt of the earth old-time New Englander.

On one visit upon entering Andy's place he excitedly took me to behind the kitchen woodstove to show me the Border Collie pups his purebred "Molly" had birthed during the night. Now, Molly had never been much use to Andy on his farm preferring to herd tennis balls and chickens in the barnyard to the much harder work of tending to the sheep and dairy cows. Andy had tried for years to train Molly but she would have none of it which is why Andy placed his next best hope on a new pup from Molly's litter. He had bred her to a working Border Collie over the line in New York State, promising the sire's owner pick of the litter. Two more of the pups had been promised to friends in town which left the tiny litter runt which I, of course, fell in love with being the runt of my own family.

I hadn't thought much at the time of making a working dog out of my new little friend, I just wanted a pal around again.

The next five weeks passed with great anticipation as I would visit Andy's and my new pal almost every day and become extremely attached to this scrawny and seemingly under-nourished foundling. I named her Pepper. I don't know why but she had more black on her than white so I thought it appropriate. I had insisted on naming this little critter myself after having previously gone along with my wife's naming of the very RED Irish Setter "Blue" and my 6 year old daughter naming the St. Bernard "Keg" because she saw a picture one time of a keg around the neck of one.

I was hard for me to explain the joy I felt that day I went to pick up Pepper and bring her cuddled in my arms to her new home.

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